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a fantastical day..

Today was a good day, an interesting day, a day that shifted faster than I could keep up.

Started with hard technostrategy puzzles for work. Had two dinners, one with Sunev and one with my father during his layover at LAX. Always traveling, he is. Good for him.

Raced to Hollywood to catch Cat Power at the Henry Fonda with Dar and Monica. Chan Marshall is precious beyond words. So lucid, potent, raw, so damn powerful. And so frail, like the sweetest little smirking mischievous girl you've ever seen. And that breathy voice! Melts me.

She played mostly recent/happier songs, and ended the set so strangely! It just sort of petered out, no finale, no climax, it just dissipated into the ether.

Or perhaps it was my molecules scattering. Everything seems different now, more lucid. Returning from the show, I've run across 3 creatures whose existence I can't explain. First was a bald little alien ninja girl with glowing eyes whose presence I could feel from across the room, behind me, with eyes closed, wherever. Second was at the gas station, "Harley" (still wearing his jail slippers) and I had a deep moment's rapport, in which he accurately divined abstract facets of my bloodline. Never heard anyone insist they weren't an angel. Third was the pack of rabid barking dogs that ran up to me as I parked outside the loft. They looked gnarly and pissed, but I've never been afraid of dogs, and when they surrounded me and I vibed them down, it was all scratching heads and wagging tails. Amazing eye contact, old-soul beasts. They walked me to the gate, I said "Enjoy the night", and they thundered off down the street.

Magic night. There must be some ... oh it's almost a new moon, for one thing... peaks at 5am on Thursday. Ya know, it doesn't what causes life to be interesting. I'd rather not get mired in superstition, or try to make meaning out of improbabilities. Life is interesting sometimes, most of the time if I pay attention. Perhaps Cat Power just pulled my focus. Perhaps a fermented piece of cauliflower altered the pH balance of my hypothalamus. Moral of the story? Eat more cauliflower, you'll hallucinate some real neat stuff.
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